Who is Q?

Q is a digital & information operation working to expose & derail the coordinated effort to take over the whole of humanity by Global Powers that have used political, ideological & monetary means as their weapons.

What are "Q-boards?"

First appearing publicly in 2017, Q-Boards are the communication interfaces used by the Q-Clearance initiative to transfer vital information to the public regarding critical details related to the objective at hand. 

What Are "Digital Operatives?"

Digital Operatives of the Great Awakening Initiative are composed of Former & Current Military Veterans, Internet Sleuths & everyday-citizens whose mission is to rescue humanity from the Global Power-Structure.

A President's Promise

The 45th President Donald J. Trump Continues to Finish What Our 35th President John F. Kennedy Began over 50 years Ago- WORLD PEACE & REJECTING Global Governance!

35th President John F. Kennedy Addresses the United Nations in 1963 calling once again for nuclear disarmament & world peace.

45th President Donald J. Trump addressing the United Nations in 2018 actively securing World Peace & openly rejecting Global Governance.